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    A collaborative calendar, skill matching specific to the job listing, management of staff, and the ability to list your job positions on public job boards across the community will get you the employees you need to keep your business running smoothly.
        If you are a Non-Profit Organization, contact info@shiftyourself.ca for a special offer from The County Foundation before signing up.
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What is ShiftYourself?

ShiftYourself is a local community job posting site, employee search tool (think LinkedIn) and a shift management system all rolled into one!

The ShiftYourself collaborative platform connects the employees and volunteers to the employers and non-profits in YOUR community.

Collaborative Calendar

Manage everyone through our central calendar and see what availability they have to fill a shift for you.  All employees show up whether they are your existing staff or new employees found through Shift Yourself.

Post Opportunities to the Community
Opportunities made public show up not only on ShiftYourself but through other local community sites and through other aggregate platforms.

Find Employees and Volunteers

Employees and Volunteers can make themselves visible to employers through our system. Don't wait! Reach out to find help directly!

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Unexpected Absences

 Have a backup plan for unexpected absences. You can’t predict when your employees might fall ill or take an unexpected day off, but you can plan for a replacement in case this comes up.

Extending Hours

When you're the owner and operator of the business, there are only so many hours in the day. When The County is full of tourists, you can have a plan to stay open when they want to shop.

Special Events

The County has wonderful festivals and events throughout the year. Have a backup plan to ensure proper staffing to handle the added customers attending.

Cover Peak Hours

Maybe you only need extra staff on specific days or certain weekends. You know your business best; stay flexible by utilizing staff when you need them.

Where are ShiftYourself Opportunities Seen?

In Prince Edward County

Wellington Coming Soon
Coming Soon

ShiftYourself Features for Employers & Non-Profit Organizations

Custom Profile

Customize your business profile and share it with potential employees/volunteers. Let them know what the working atmosphere is like, managements style, and benefits.

Job Fair

Add jobs for both paid and volunteer positions to the Job Fair page. Outline details and other information on what that job involves. Not only will employees/volunteers be able to view this on ShiftYourself and publicly on our various partner pages.

COVID-19 Precautions

Practice safe hiring by prompting applicants with a questionnaire based on recent travel history, health check, work history, etc. Use this feature to screen employees & limit exposure.