Why Be A Partner?

Local To Your Business

As we grow we're being welcomed in multiple counties and communities.

Local Employees

We have a constantly updated list of local employees ready to work. With more signing up daily.

Local Volunteers

Looking for Volunteers? You've came to the right place. Volunteers are here ready to work.

Hosting a Job Board on Your Site

Get a Complimentary Tier 1 subscription on us. All you have to do is post a job fair from ShiftYourself on your website. Click Here to get involved today.

What is ShiftYourself?

ShiftYourself is a local community job posting site, employee search tool (think LinkedIn) and a shift management system all rolled into one!

The ShiftYourself collaborative platform connects the employees and volunteers to the employers and non-profits in YOUR community.

Collaborative Calendar

Manage everyone through our central calendar and see what availability they have to fill a shift for you.  All employees show up whether they are your existing staff or new employees found through Shift Yourself.

Post Opportunities to the Community
Opportunities made public show up not only on ShiftYourself but through other local community sites and through other aggregate platforms.

Find Employees and Volunteers

Employees and Volunteers can make themselves visible to employers through our system. Don't wait! Reach out to find help directly!

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