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What is ShiftYourself?

ShiftYourself is an online collaborative platform that connects the employee to the employer in YOUR community.

Find a Volunteer Oppurtunity

Find volunteer opportunities that suits YOUR needs and schedule.

Get involved in the community

ShiftYourself is the perfect platform to become more involved in YOUR community and to meet liked minded-people.

Opportunities Matched to Your Skillset

ShiftYourself matches YOUR skillset with opportunities that will best fit you. Upload a resume, showcase qualifications, and let everyone know what you have to offer!

Volunteer Features

Custom Profile

Share your previous volunteer experiences - which can be verified by your employers - skills, and industry certifications. Want to let employers know you are looking for volunteer opportunities? Set that in your profile!

Track Your Schedule

View your schedule, available shifts, track start/finish times, and block unavailable time slots.

Choose what works for you.

Volunteer Job Search

Search available jobs relevant to your area and apply. You can upload your resume for potential employers to view and let them know you are interested in a particular job.

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